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Zarife Zara Quinn

About Me

I am an intuitive life coach, reiki master, yoga instructor, student of life, mapmaker, explorer and traveler.

I was born in Germany, raised in Turkey, currently ...


How I can Help;


Behind every issue, problem and challenge there are blocked, suppressed emotions and feelings. These blockages are connected to your belief system and become patterns and eventually your paradigm.

To heal any challenges such as career problems, relationship issues, lack of abundance, you need to explore yourself in deeper layers and levels. 

Once you start to discover deeper aspects of yourself, your beliefs, values, and decisions, you will be surprised how they are connected to the problems or challenges you are facing every day. 

The tricky part is you have been seeking for solutions and answers to your problems out there. Nothing is out there. All the answers and healing are within.

As an intuitive life coach, I can help you to connect with your heart and intuition.

I can help you to start meeting yourself on deeper levels, where transformation happens. You become whole and free,  and the better version of yourself. It is Alchemy.


During my sessions, I offer powerful tools such as meditations, practices that can be done throughout the day with ease. These tools will sharpen your awareness and imagination. They will help you to find balance and peace and feel empowered in many ways.

Contact me to set up a discovery meeting. Our first meeting is free and it is a great opportunity to get to know each other better. We discuss if this is the best fit for your challenges and issues. Then we can schedule the sessions in the most beneficial/effective way, online or in person.


Working with Zara has been the most trans-formative experience of my life.I finally love myself. I wish that everyone in the world could feel the joy that I do now. 


I realized that I was carrying my past on my shoulders as if I was carrying shopping bags back from shopping for 37 years.

Each time we have a session I take down some of the bags ,let go off of those burdens that were painful and exhausting.


I have been to so many different therapists, tried many techniques and read so many books to feel good about myself in the last 20 years. Then, I met Zarife and everything finally started to change. She is the best thing happened to me in the last two years. She is a wonderful guide and helped  


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