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Thank you for showing interest in my story.


I was born in Germany, as the oldest of four, raised in Turkey and currently living in Virginia, United States.


Before my reality collapsed, I had a good career in one of the well-known banks in Turkey for 15 years.

I was living a good life, busy and social. Everything seemed perfect as it was supposed to be.

One day at the hospital, my doctor delivered me the bad news about a disease that was discovered in my body. I was shocked. A lot of questions were rushing through my head. How could that happen to me?  How did I bring myself here?

 It took me a couple of weeks to accept and own the situation. In the end, I promised myself instead of trying to fit any of the statistics out there, I will be creating my unique story. That is how my journey began.

​I started questioning everything about my life. I had to find out where I went wrong. A couple of months later, interesting things started happening. I would catch some lines from a movie or a paragraph from a book that would speak to me. My awareness of interconnectedness in everything started sharpening.

 One night one of the booklets I was reading asked me to list the dreams I had for my future. The first item I wrote was to take a personal growth workshop. I completed the list and went to bed. The next morning, I received a text inviting me to a Reiki class with Master Turgay Sapanli that weekend. I couldn't believe it. I went there having no idea what it was about, only to discover later why I was there. 
That was the first step I took into the healing path.  Later, it was going to be my self-discovery journey
I wanted to dive deeper and start taking private consultations from an amazing coach/teacher Ayca Saygi. I attend many retreats with her, Awareness through Regression Hypnotherapy and EFT. That was a profoundly deep, transformational 9 days in which I planted the seeds of the future. 


What is it that I have to share with my world? What is my gift? 

This question changed the direction of my life. I wanted to become more and decided to study Life Coaching. I studied Core Coaching Masteries by Sola Unitas Coach Academy accredited by ICF. It is the foundation of my coaching practice. 
More and more deeper I dove I became more conscious of the issues I was in complete denial. I discovered I was excellent in sweeping shhh under the carpet.
I realized I was not expressing my needs openly. I was having difficulty saying`` NO`` to what I didn't prefer. I was struggling in my relationships and never realized that it became a pattern in my life. I was trying to find the right one, always attracting the unavailable one. 

As I was practicing the tools, studying, reading, taking coaching sessions, a shift started happening in my awareness and my world. 
I started feeling free from my past. I started feeling connected to my heart and the bigger part of my self.
Eventually, I quit my job when I decided I wanted to offer life coaching services full time. And in a short time, I met my future husband on the other side of the world.


Certifications and Training's that support my coaching service

Over the years, I have attended more than 50 national and international workshops, seminars. Some of them are ;

  • Core Coaching Masteries by Sola Unitas Coach Academy accredited by ICF,

  • Awareness through Regression Hypnotherapy, EFT(Emotional Free Technique) Residential Trainee,Ayca Saygi

  • Reiki Master,Turgay Sapanli and Ayca Saygi

  • Awareness Through Emotional Transformation Trainee,Ayca Saygi 

  • Womb Wisdom,

  • Matrix Imprint, Bulent Oran 

  • MerKaBa, Aygun Kabadayi

  • GoldenAge Woman, Aygun Kabadayi

  • Chakra Evolution Online Healing, Collette Oonah Corcoran

  • Transformational Breath Seminar,

  • Self Mastery, Personal Magnetism, Quickening ,Louise Franco

  • 200 HR Yoga Teachers Training.

Also, I have attended many residential retreats in different places as Hawaii, France, Turkey, South Africa  and the CONUS.


I have worked with powerful and amazing teachers and currently working with an extraordinary mystic Louise Franco.