Working with Zara has been most transformative experience of my life.

Jessica, Virginia, The USA

Working with Zara has been the most trans-formative experience of my life.I finally love myself. I wish that everyone in the world could feel the joy that I do now. If you think you are ready to change your life, Zara is an obvious choice to help you get there. While other tools (diet,yoga,etc..) have been a big part of my healing journey, I would not have been able to make any changes without Zara`s coaching and support. I`ve been labeled as having autoimmune disease and dysautonomia(POTS),and I was often depressed and anxious. Zara helped me feel how my emotions and old beliefs that no longer serve me were holding me back from healing. In addition to the emotional benefits, I am now capable of performing at a physical level that I never dreamed possible. 

My perception shifted ...

Tuba , Virginia,The USA

Zarife, in her own unique way, always listens with care , without judging or directing me. Her tone of voice and attitude combined with the way she looks at me creates a beautiful environment that helps me open up and speak naturally. She is well experienced and knowledgeable as a coach and teacher You can always learn something from her even during a coffee break.


I have been working with her for almost 8 months. My perception shifted. I feel like a child learning for the first time how to read and write and will be applying this knowledge for the rest of my life.


I realized that I was carrying my past on my shoulders as if I was carrying shopping bags back from shopping for 37 years.

Each time we have a session I take down some of the bags ,let go off of those burdens that were painful and exhausting.


I know there is still ways to go, but my faith in myself is growing as much as my faith I have for her. Now I can let out a big sigh of relief and keep discovering my` Self `that I have been ignoring, along this journey. I am grateful for Zarife, and highly recommend her service to anyone seeking happy, meaningful life.

...and everything finally started to change.

Fulya E., North Carolina,The USA

I have been to so many different therapists, tried many techniques and read so many books to feel good about myself in the last 20 years. Then, I met Zarife and everything finally started to change. She is the best thing happened to me in the last two years. She is a wonderful guide and helped me to get the responsibility of everything happening or happened in my life. She knows so many different techniques to find the real root cause of the problems and transforms them with love.  My life and the way I look at things have changed a lot after I started getting her insight. If you are reading this, that means you are in the right place! Talk to her and see how your life will change the way you want it. It is all in you and she is the perfect person to show that to you! 

Working with Zarife something shifted from the very first session...

Handan A., Virginia,The USA

When I met Zarife I was confused about my work life. I wasn't sure if I really wanted to start my own business or not. Was feeling stuck and frustrated for a while. On top of all I was suffering from chronic neck and arm pain for over a year. Something shifted from the very first session. I felt light and magically all the pain was gone( and never come back :) ) Most importantly I realized my past was clearly affecting my current situation. Was blocking me from feeling and understanding what I really wanted to do. Mean time she suggested to practice Yoga which I never believed I would be able to do before. This time I gave it a try and Yess, I can do it. !!! I started to believe I can do anything I put my will to it. Thank you Zarife for your guidance and coaching. I highly recommend anyone who is looking to change their life in a positive way.

Zarife is a great coach.

Seda Y, NC, The USA

I am so grateful to know Zarife. She is a great coach. Thanks to her help, I do beleive that a  new door has just opened in my life. I have found out that everything starts with loving and accepting yourself as you are. Thank you so much Zarife.

Words arent enough to describe the meaning of Zarifes contribution into my life.

Senay Gozum, Turkey

Zarife is precious. Words aren't enough to describe the meaning of her contribution into my life. She brought the magic of transformation and change. Taught me how to accept and love myself just the way I am. I discovered the infinity within and how to enjoy this journey called life. Thank you,

Zarife has a soft, loving presence and deeply powerful way of guiding.

Dana I./ Austraila

I felt called to try a session with Zarife. Synchronicity had been popping up all week. I was blown away as she holds a beautiful space allowing you to feel and be, she has a soft loving presence, deeply powerful way of guiding you, helping you tap into your deepest feelings. Feelings I was unaware of until felt. Felt how much diving into my hidden feeling awaken and opened me up. Making room for more love to enter. I highly recommend trying and feeling for yourself Zarife sessions. Thank you again Zarife .

Working with Zarife is amazing. I feel Free and powerful...

Aysen Celik , Turkey

Working with Zarife is amazing, it totally changed my perception. Brought me awareness of where I am, what I want and how I manifest consciously or unconsciously in life. Her eyes full of light, different and warm... When she first started talking it was the first time I felt my inner voice. Now my heart is my guide and I see through my soul. I am aware of my emotions and feelings and totally feel and release them now. I began to take responsibility of my life. What's best, I feel free and powerful. I received my Reiki attunement from her and learned various tools to integrate in my life. She touched my soul and my being so beautifully. Highly recommend her work and guidance. Thank you Zarife


Zarife is one of the best life coaches ever,

Selda Uzun, Istanbul

Seeing Zarife`s own transformation through many years, all the work she has done on herself, I strongly think she is one of the best life coaches ever! YES, I definitely recommend Zarife to anyone for her guidance. I am so thankful for all she has done in my life.

I highly recommend exploring your journey with Zarife.

Secil K./Turkey

The time when I first came to Zarife, I was a seeking soul. I was seeking health and explanation. She introduced me to Reiki and became a good friend of mine. As years went by Zarife became a master in front of my eyes and with her work my awareness and mindfullness deepened. She taught me how to accept my emotions and feel into them. When I tried to escape back to emptiness and neglect, she made me realize what I was doing. Her voice became the best friend of my inner voice. I learned to observe my feelings and let them come and go. It was a huge revelation for me. I am now creating my own world and living with my surroundings peacefully.I highly recommend exploring your journey with her. Thank you Zarife. 

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